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DermHealth.Co is an Australian service that brings specialised practitioners together on the same platform to support the health of your skin after trauma, disease or injury. is an amazing organization that was founded by Marnina Diprose and Sarah Warren. After working in the aesthetics and medical industry the team was fed up with bias misinformation and hard sales tactics to those that were seeking real results for their skin concerns.

Therefore we were delighted when they asked our very own Julie Buckley, to discuss Microskin on blog and podcast.  In this podcast, Sarah, from DermHealth, speaks with Julie about Microskin International and how the Microskin team help people from all walks of life to regain their confidence with a solution to perfectly camouflage scars, birthmarks, tattoos and other skin imperfections using a revolutionary cream that is matched to each individual’s skin tone.

You can view the blog here;

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