Confidence for men with skin conditions

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Due to the harsh Australian heat, skin conditions are common in our sun-kissed lands. Such decolourisations or a regrettable tattoo may be a cause of distress for many. We at Microskin are dedicated to helping this large group of people feel comfortable in their own skin again.

When Microskin was originally conceived, we realised the only existing quick method to conceal skin conditions like hyperpigmentation or tattoo cover-ups was makeup. This often resulted in poor and inconsistent results, especially on larger surface areas.

Many may choose to undergo hyperpigmentation treatment for their discoloured skin at a dermatologist clinic. While treatment may be more effective than makeup in the long term, irritation and increase sensitivity are some of the common side effects. In addition to the physical issues, treatments by a dermatologist can also be costly and time consuming, making it not a suitable option for everyone.

Why Microskin?

Microskin is the safest and fastest alternative. When applied as part of a day-to-day routine, it functions as a natural-looking skin camouflage and can be used on a range of skin conditions. Vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, scarring, psoriasis, rosacea, lupus, eczema, pigmentation, and other related skin conditions, as well as regretful tattoos can all be effectively concealed with Microskin.

Our range of colours offer a match for every skin tone, even when applied on large areas. Additionally, all of our products are dermatologically tested and can be self applied at home, making them suitable for most.

With a unique formula, Microskin is neither a cream camouflage nor makeup. Unlike both of these, Microskin can be applied in just one step. Microskin helps those with skin conditions feel confident without needing to take any of the compromises required by cover-up makeup.

Due to the high pigmentation, once applied, the foundation will provide you with an even skin tone immediately. Microskin is the result of scientific research and designed to be used regularly. Thanks to our water and smudge-proof formula, it is perfect for the Australian weather. Microskin remains intact for several days, whether you’re at the beach or having a barbeque in a backyard, giving you long-lasting confidence for all occasions.

While it’s designed to last, the substance is still breathable, delicate enough to ensure comfort, and suitable for all ages.

Research and awards

Apart from our long-term dedication to help those with skin conditions to feel confident, we are also committed to further understand the psychological effects of Microskin on people with burn scars. This is why we have partnered with multiple leading Australian research centres. This includes having funded a collaborative study by the Royal Children’s Hospital Burns Centre in Brisbane and The University of Queensland.

More recently, we also funded a research study aiming to determine how children can overcome the social stigma associated with burn scars and other skin conditions to become confident again through the use of Microskin, with resounding success.

Microskin’s dedication has helped hundreds of Australians feel more confident, and this has been recognised with the numerous national awards we have received. We have been recognised through the National Business Telstra Innovation Award, The Australian Government Business Innovation Award, The Commonwealth Small Business Champion Award, as well as The Sensis Business Ideas Award.  Come visit our centre in Brisbane, an official retailer, or our online store and begin your journey to regain your confidence.



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