Confidence for men with skin conditions

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Although more common as you get older, skin pigmentation and other skin conditions can occur to people of all ages. Sun exposure is one of the main causes of skin pigmentation or decolourisation. Due to the harsh Middle Eastern heat, these conditions are prevalent in the region, even on areas often covered by clothing.

Skin conditions can be a source of concern for many. At Microskin we are dedicated to help people feel confident in their own skin again. As part of our dedication to improving the situation for all, we have funded studies at world-class research centres. One successful study revealed how Microskin had helped children to overcome social the stigma associated with burn scars and to gain confidence again.

Many seek dermatological treatments when looking to hide discoloured skin, using Camouflage Makeup is also a common consideration. These options are, however, not suitable for all. Both makeup and dermatological treatments may produce adverse side effects such as allergic reactions, increased sensitivity or irritation.

Microskin is neither of these things. It is it’s own unique dermatologically tested formula. It functions as a natural-looking skin camouflage and can be used to cover up a range of conditions.  From simple freckles to more serious cases like burn scars, eczema, and lupus, the decolourisation can easily be concealed. Available in many colours, the product is perfect for the diverse skin tones found in the Middle East.

Our products are comfortable and delicate enough to be used on any part of the body, including the face and region around the eyes. Microskin is suitable for all – men, women and children. Unlike other treatments, there has never been a single report of an adverse reaction, making it safer than camouflage makeup or hyperpigmentation treatments.

Its delicate nature also means it can be applied by anyone, not just professionals. Unlike makeup, that usually creates an unnatural, uneven look – especially on larger areas – Microskin can match any skin tone perfectly. It camouflages skin discolouration in areas large or small.

Microskin is designed to provide you with long-lasting confidence in just one simple step. When applied as part of your day-to-day routine, one application is all that is needed to cover up skin conditions for several days.

Microskin is smudge proof so no matter what outfit you are wearing it will stay on. Waterproof, it will remain in place all day, even after a sweaty excursion out in the sun, or even after a shower. Despite its long-lasting qualities, Microskin is light and breathable, which means you can feel confident in the Middle Eastern sun while looking fresh.

Microskin has service clinics in various locations around the world including one in Riyadh, which functions as the principle place for business for the Middle East region. Visit our website or world-class clinic to find out more and begin the journey to regain your confidence.


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