Two Best Options for Hyperpigmentation: Treatment and Quick Fix

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A tiny dark spot can cause you worry when going out to meet people. More noticeable dark patches on your skin bring about bigger issues. You might lose confidence in revealing your skin. These are common problems, as hyperpigmentation can occur to anybody – regardless of age and lifestyle.

Hyperpigmentation is known as uneven pigmentation in skin. It usually appears when your skin is exposed to heavy sunlight, which is why it is often seen in athletes. The older you are, the greater the chance you will experience symptoms.

According to dermatological research, people over the age of 40 tend to develop discoloration more than younger groups, since melanin production is increased. However, from our extensive experience in treating skin conditions, children can also develop symptoms.

Melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are the common complaints among patients. Most people who have been diagnosed are familiar with Microskin, as its clinical credentials ensure that it is suitable for all skin conditions. Microskin is the best product to hide the dark areas on your skin, including hyperpigmentation, scars and even black tattoos.

Microskin has built its reputation by offering long-lasting, color-intense treatment. Users appreciate that we use pure ingredients along with ongoing dermatological testing to ensure quality and safety. Gentle for those with sensitive skin, Microskin’s wide range of colors is developed by Microskin’s experts to make your skill look exceptionally natural.

Microskin is a highly effective tool for cover up makeup. The coverage of our camouflage is better than the typical concealers. You can apply it easily on your skin, from face to body. For other types of, you may have to buy additional products, like base primer, to get full coverage. Unlike these other brands, Microskin application needs only a single step.

To make everything simpler, you can apply Microskin with our stipple sponge, which can save time and work more effectively than dapping with your fingers. If you want a matt finish look, Microskin setting powder leaves a fresh, non-sticky feeling.

Our camouflage makeup can be applied by everyone. This product is suitable for all – females, males and children. When we first launched our camouflage, nobody believed that full coverage camouflage could come with a light texture. But our special formula has won many converts, and we continue to receive a lot of compliments on the comfortable feeling people have while wearing it.

In addition to the camouflage, Microskin also has a clinic for hyperpigmentation and vitiligo. Typical hyperpigmentation treatments include using prescribed creams, chemical peeling and lasers. Hydroquinone and retinoid are the most prescribed creams because they bleach the darkened skin and slow down the production of melanin. Laser treatments are available to banish more serious discoloration by using IPL and Fractional Laser Resurfacing.

If you live in the Middle East, contact us by phone to get more information. Our skin consultants are ready to share their expertise with you. In our clinics, experienced dermatologists are available to heal your skin with the advanced technology equipment. With Microskin, it’s easier than ever to apply your beautiful second skin.


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