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New Zealand has more than its fair share of challenges for people seeking clear, healthy, and healthy-looking skin. Rapidly changing weather conditions take their toll, sooner or later causing skin irritation or discolouration among men and women alike.

Moreover, tattoos are deeply ingrained in the heritage and culture of the nation. In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of tattoos, as the preference for body art shifts toward the mainstream. Tattoos have become a way for Kiwis from all backgrounds to express themselves. However, alongside their popularity, an increase in tattoo regrets has also been evident, with more and more people wishing to cover up or hide old memories.

These issues are all in addition to the typical skin issues faced by any population: birthmarks, discolouration, Vitiligo, and much more. It is very common for men with skin irregularities to lose confidence in their daily lives. Whether going out to the store or to a social gathering, skin conditions or regrettable tattoos can get in the way of day-to-day life.

Yet this does not have to be the case. Men also deserve clear skin, and do not have to suffer the distress that skin discolouration brings. Camouflage technology like Microskin can help the modern man feel confident in their skin again.

Microskin can be easily applied by anyone; you don’t have to be a talented makeup artist or doctor to effectively use Microskin. Depending on the size or area of the condition, a spray-on system can be used to easily apply Microskin anywhere at any time, giving you discrete cover up.

Also, unlike skin camouflage make up, Micro skin does not come in a limited set of colours. By individually formulating each bottle to a certain colour, Microskin is specifically designed for each client, ensuring the colour matches the skin tone perfectly, which in turn gives seamless coverup even on larger areas.

In customising each product specifically to your skin tone, Microskin provides more effective, realistic, and seamless camouflage of regrettable tattoos than tattoo cover up make ups.

Vitiligo treatments by a dermatologist are often not suitable for the active modern man. These treatments tend to be costly and time sensitive, taking multiple sessions across months before effects are seen. By contrast, applying Microskin on a regular routine provides quicker, longer-lasting coverup and confidence, without the side effects.

Microskin is smudge and water proof, helping men remain confident regardless of the situation or weather condition. Even after a sweaty workout, a game of rugby in the sun, or being caught up in the rain, if Microskin has been applied properly, it will remain intact and will not run. If applied as part of a routine, it will remain on for several days without rubbing off on any clothing. Thanks to Microskin, men with skin decolourisation can feel long-lasting confidence again without the need to change their lifestyle.

Customers worldwide trust Microskin, and we have world-class clinics and centres all over the world to meet this demand. Come down to our Auckland store, or visit any retail centre for a consultation, so you can regain your confidence again.



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