How to cover uneven skin tone for New Year parties

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With summertime on the way, neighborhoods will soon bustle with awesome New Year’s Eve events. It’s a festive time – but just as importantly, it is the time to see and be seen. If you haven’t got any plans, or are trying to avoid New Year parties owing to skin concerns, we have a terrific solution you can easily apply by yourself.

We put our experts to work to invent an easy-to-use solution for you because your skin needs special care. The result is Microskin, a product that helps you get rid of uneven skin tone quickly. As Microskin promises, our products give you a “simulated second skin.” A growing number of customers who have hyperpigmentation have come to trust Microskin to address blemishes and unsightly patches.

Occurs when an excessive amount of melanin has been deposited in a clump causing a brown lesion on the skin.

Vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, eczema and scars can be long-term conditions in some cases. Sometimes they darken skin, creating a situation in which typical Camouflage cannot cover their effects smoothly. When you have burns or eczema on your skin, remember that those areas are the most sensitive parts. You can aggravate the symptoms by using the wrong product. All of our Microskin products are dermatologically tested, and gentle to all skin types – even in cases of dermatosis.

Most people who have skin concerns have sought medical solutions for relief. Hyperpigmentation treatment can be applied by using prescribed cream, along with chemical peeling and laser therapy at the dermatological clinic. Hydroquinone and AHA are examples of substances used to cure hyperpigmentation. IPL is another effective treatment using fractional laser treatment to stimulate collagen growth and reduce pigment without scarring.

Cover up makeup is another sure way to prepare your look for epic New Year parties in New Zealand. It requires just a few minutes to do makeup. You can apply our Microskin Camouflage on your face and your body, making nights out with your friends worry-free. Thanks to Microskin, you’ll have a memorable countdown night.

Our products are long-lasting and also waterproof, so you can be adventurous or keep your confidence on long trips. Cosmetic Camouflages or even concealers on the market are less pigmented than ours, as Microskin can hide every undesirable spot – from blemishes to black birthmarks. We have more than 30 shades of Camouflage that match your skin. That’s why, when our customers think of camouflage makeup, they think of us first.

The liquid texture allows you to apply our product easily, leaving you with a natural look. It can also last for several days without any messes. Even so, when the time comes, Microskin products are easy to remove. Although our Camouflage can’t be washed with soap and water, it can be fully rinsed off by our special formula of Microskin removing serum, specially designed to improve your experience with MicroSkin.

Microskin can change your life, building confidence inside out. It’s a must-have for this New Year 2019. You can decide who you want to be and how you want to others to see you. We can help you stay gorgeous in this festive season: New Year, New You!



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