Birthmarks- is it absolutely necessary to remove them?

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The skin is one of the most visible organs of the body that is extremely sensitive. Apart from protecting the protecting the body and performing various functions, it is the mirror of your health especially the face. All changes that occur inside your body or your mind are portrayed in your face. Being very sensitive, the skin is affected by weather, seasonal changes, cosmetics that are used and all external torments.

Apart from the different skin conditions like blemishes, wrinkles, acne and others, another specialty found on the skin of almost every person is the birthmark. Whenever we see a different type of mark on the skin we say that it is the birthmark. But what are birthmarks and how do they occur?

Birthmarks are simple blemishes or small patches that are seen at birth or after a few days of birth when the problem related marks are not present. Most often newborn babies are seen to have a vascular birthmark that is pink, red or light purple in color. It is caused by the blood vessel under the skin tat are abnormal. Pigmented birthmarks are also seen in some, which are due to clustering of the pigment cells. However the actual causes of birthmarks have not been found yet but they are not in any way hereditary.

The nature of birthmarks

Birthmarks have no perfect shape or size or color. Some appear as simple dots others as patches of light and dark shades of brown, black or red. But most often they are harmless and do not offer any complications. Some birthmarks even fad away as the child grows up. However, the strawberry mark that is seen on the eyelid needs immediate attention and treatment. The port wine mark around the eyes too is risky birthmarks and may develop glaucoma and the melanocytic nevi may develop into fatal cancers. It is therefore best to take care of the birthmarks right at the start and ascertain the true nature so that treatment can be obtained early for safety.

What treatments are safe?

Although most birthmarks are harmless and disappear with time, the serious types can be treated but you must consult the doctor first for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Treating birthmarks are sometimes painful too. Hence it is always advised that only if the birthmarks become the causes of health problems related to eyesight, breathing, feeding or hearing, they should be treated. Various treatments are available today apart from medications like Corticosteroids, laser therapy, surgery and such other new processes.

Natural remedies to fade the birthmarks are better than any other processes as the items that are used are made from natural products like Vitamin E and Orange Oil. Ice packs are also used to tighten the skin pores and help in blood circulation. Regular massage of lemon juice mixed with olive oil is also effective in fading birthmarks. But it is best not to treat them if they are harmless and do not interfere with your health or outward looks.


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