Rosacea needs immediate care

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Rosacea needs immediate care

Skin covers the entire body and it is the most sensitive and visible organ of human beings. Hence any changes can easily be seen especially on the face. Even a person’s inner feelings are explicit on his/her face. It is for this reason skin care is of vital importance. Various problems affect the skin from time to time. Pimples, acne, patches are some of them. Another skin problem that is not known so much is Rosacea. Rosacea is characterized by  Facial Redness and Inflammation that are small but are filled with pus and is often mistaken as eczema or acne. But it is something different and it primarily affects the facial skin so immediate treatment is a must in all circumstances. At first it was thought that  Rosacea is a Common Problem of fair-skinned people of Europe. But studies reveal that it has been detected in parts of Asia, China, Middle East and South Asia as well, places that have developed recently.

Symptoms of Rosacea

There are various signs and symptoms of this skin problem and varies from one person to the other. However the most common symptoms are:

  1. Flushing is the first stage of Pre-rosacea. The Skin Feels Terribly Hot and the Blush spreads from the face down the neck and chest and lasts for about five minutes.
  2. Hyper-activity of the facial skin is another sign in which the blood vessels dilate very fast when touched and react to other stimuli also like sunlight. It is important to note that it is the sensitive blood vessels that react and not the sensitive skin.
  3. Persistent redness, spots, papules and inflamed blood vessels are other symptoms of Rosacea. The areas around the nose, eyes and cheeks are highly affected.

Causes: The exact causes have not been diagnosed as yet but the main reasons that lead to Rosacea are abnormalities in blood vessels, microscopic mite, and light skin tone, a type of bacteria that dilate the blood vessels, inheritance and also foods like hot and spicy foods, dairy products, caffeine as well as sunlight, extreme temperature, winds and humidity trigger Rosacea.

Treatment: Since Rosacea Affects not only the skin but also the eyes and hurts one’s self-esteem it must be treated immediately. As there is no cure for this disease, various types of treatments give relief to a great extent. Topical medications are applied to the areas; special steroid eye-drops, prescribed oral antibiotics, laser treatment and sometimes plastic surgery is done to remove the thickened skin. Changes in lifestyle and home remedies can be quite effective in controlling the painful situation. It can be more effective if one significantly controls the factors that trigger the symptoms and increase it. It is best to avoid direct contact with sunlight and also from winter winds by covering the face with scarf of ski mask. Do not use cosmetic skin lotions or ointments and refrain from touching the areas with hands. Alcohol consumption and other foods that increase body heat must be avoided totally. Try to stay calm for stress too is one of the other causes of Rosacea. Light exercises like swimming, breathing, meditation and such other fitness exercises can reduce the problems.


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