Burns- how to tackle them

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Accidents are very common especially among children and young people who are always in a hurry. Most often accidents occur because we are careless too. So it is important to keep some of the necessary first-aid accessories ready at home like cotton, bandages, antiseptic creams and lotions, creams for burns and bruises and also a fire extinguisher.

Accidents that commonly occur at home are burns, scratches, sprains, cuts and others. Burns need to be treated immediately with care even if they are minor as they leave behind a scar on the surface of the skin. The word “burns” implies something more than the sensation. Burns cause severe damage to the skin that affects the cells and in certain cases they lead to serious health problems. Hence burns are divided into three categories namely the first, second and third-degree burns.

Types of burns:

The classification of burns has been done according to the intensity of the skin damages like the first-degree burns are the minor ones that can be treated easily by applying creams where the skin becomes red without blisters. In the second-degree burns, the skin is more affected and there are blisters and the skin becomes thick accompanied by pain. The third-degree burns are the most severe ones that thicken over a large area and have a white leathery look.


There are treatments for every kind of burns but you must take immediate measures to control excess damage to the skin. The skin is not only the most sensitive organ of the body but covers the entire body and is most visible. So any scars or marks should be attended without any delay. First-degree burns are also called superficial burns and they are not so severe for they damage only the outer layer of the skin and therefore can be taken care at home but you should monitor the healing process and take care till the wound disappears completely.

The second-degree burns are serious as they go beyond the upper layer of the skin and cause more damage. Hence blisters are seen and it becomes red and extremely painful. Frequent bandaging is required and it takes minimum 2 weeks to heal. In certain severe cases skin grafting is also done to bring back the natural look of the skin.

However the third-degree burns cause maximum damage to the skin that goes into every layer of the skin. It can also affect the bloodstream, the important organs and the bones causing death also. The nerves too are so extensively damaged that you hardly feel the pain. Immediate medical assistance is needed in such cases. Take care to see that no clothes stick to the area and keep the patient straight till medical aid arrives.

The scars that are formed from the various kinds of burns may cause problems although they may not be painful but they are visible. Nowadays various scar removal creams are available at the stores. You can use them after the wound has healed completely. But always take the practitioner’s advice before applying anything or taking any kinds of medicines. It is however best to be cautious and extremely controlled when accidents occur to treat the injured immediately.


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