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Skin conditions and blemishes can make both men and women feel much more self-conscious in social situations. For many women, makeup solves this problem – but for men, and for everybody in cold environments, a much more delicate solution is often necessary. Some people who suffer from skin irregularities might feel uncomfortable by going out, meeting people or playing sport, but today we have a new way of concealing product to help you with that issue.

In most cases, makeup is the quickest way to cover a blemish or skin disease, but when hearing the word ‘cosmetics’ or ‘makeup’, some men will automatically say no – even if they deal with Vitiligo, which can disturb or discourage them in their daily life. Cover up makeup has been used for a long time, mainly among women. Men do not generally like to put on camouflage makeup because the thick layer of cosmetics can make them uncomfortable, and if sweat affects the makeup, it might come off with messy results.

Vitiligo treatment often takes time to recover from, and the results are not often perfect. Additionally, the popularity of tattoos is accompanied by a rise in regretted tattoos all around the world, among people who want to cover their body art. Generally people think that cover up makeup is the only way to cover Vitiligo, but skin camouflage is now experiencing a revolution thanks to the newest technology from Microskin. Indeed, it is not makeup at all. It is Microskin.

Tattoo cover up makeup or Vitiligo cover up makeup normally leaves uneven and thick, unnatural color on the skin – but not with Microskin. Microskin was developed with the newest and most advanced technology to conceal skin conditions and regain confidence for all of our clients.

Our specially design includes a variety of real skin colors that can be applied on any skin tones. It uses a spray-on system that will no longer leave a thick layer of cosmetics, and will be easier for users to apply anyplace and anytime. Microskin can cover any Vitiligo issue, such as vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, eczema, lupus, keloid scarring and also any tattoos.

Microskin is not makeup or cosmetics. Instead, call it your second skin. Microskin can be applied to any gender, covering your skin conditions with a natural look to let you blend in with the crowd. Also, Microskin is waterproof and can only be rubbed off by a special serum, so every activity in your daily life can be enjoyed without interruption.

You can play sports like football and swimming, party all you want, or meet a lot of people and shake a lot of hands without worrying that Microskin will come off. Say goodbye to all of that self-consciousness, when you say hello to Microskin. Microskin can help anyone recover their confidence in social situations, even helping children overcome their stigma in social interaction.

Microskin has clinics all around the world including the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe (including Scandinavia), New Zealand, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. Microskin wants to be your first choice of cover up product, helping you take back your confidence and be comfortable in your skin once again.


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